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Month: July 2016

Did Jesse Let Cassidy Burn Outside the Church

At the end of Episode 7, we are left wondering what happened to Cassidy. Cassidy took off his shirt and walked out into the sun and started burning letting Jesse decide if he would put out the fire with the extinguisher. We don’t know what happened as Tulip is sitting at the table asking Jesse what happened as the 7th episode comes to a conclusion. So, is Cassidy dead? Did Jesse let him burn to death?

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Does Odin Quincannon Bulldoze or Destroy Jesse’s Church?

At the end of the seventh¬†episode of Preacher, Odin Quincannon and his men are coming to destroy Jesse’s church. Odin is riding on a bulldozer and all the men of Quincannon Meat and Power are marching towards the death of Jesse’s father’s church. So, will Odin destroy the church?

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Who is the Blonde Haired Angel Woman in the Hotel?

At the beginning of Sundowner, Episode 5, there is a very lengthy fight scene between Fiore, DeBlanc, Jesse Custer and a blonde haired woman that is an angel or a demon. It was one of the most intense scenes of the series so far with both Fiore and DeBlanc coming back to life multiple times. We also see Jesse “kill” the blonde haired woman who comes back to life. So, who is this blonde haired woman? Is she in the comic books?

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Is Eugene (Arseface) Dead and in Hell?

At the end of Episode 5, Jesse gets pissed at Eugene and yells, “Go to Hell, Eugene!” Eugene then disappears as the church bulletin falls to the ground. Many may be wondering if Eugene is truly dead. Did he die in the comic books by the Preacher telling him to go to Hell? The answer is no. In fact, Arseface is one of the few characters that remains a mainstay throughout the entire comic book series as he travels all over the United States as a professional musical talent.

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