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Month: July 2017

Who Plays Blonde Singer, Laura, in New Orleans

UPDATE: SPOILER – This character is Sarah Featherstone who works for Herr Starr and The Grail. She is played by Julie Ann Emery.

This is a character that we don’t know much about. The attractive blonde singer, Lara, has a conversation with Lewis at the bar when Jesse is sitting in the background. He was told to go see her because he was looking for God in another bar. Lara asks Lewis the capital of Florida if he wants to go back to her dressing room with her. He says “Tallahassee” and she turns him down. She has amazing skin and must have a great dermatologist.

IMDB does not have the actress in this scene listed on the Preacher page. Does anyone know who this actress is?

Who Are the People in the Black SUV After Tulip in New Orleans?

UPDATE: Tulip mentions that Mrs. Barber is going to tell Victor. Who exactly is Victor?

Before Jesse decided he wanted to go to New Orleans, Tulip killed a black man that found her in her hotel room. There was obviously a connection between this man and the people driving around in the black SUV looking for Tulip in New Orleans. If you have read the comic books, there isn’t anyone in particular looking for Tulip while in New Orleans.

Could this be Herr Starr and the staff of The Grail? We will get to see Herr Starr soon, so maybe they are after Tulip at this time? Any predictions on who is in the black SUV looking for Tulip?

Is Dennis on the TV Show Si Coltrane?

On the third episode of the 2nd season, Cassidy introduces Tulip to Dennis whom he has known for a long time. Some have made the prediction that this is Si Coltrane from the comic books. If you have read the comic books, you know exactly what happens with Si.

We will have to see how this Dennis character plays out on the show but there is a good chance they are basing this character off of Si Coltrane who is a detective gone bad in the comic books. You can research more if you would like to know more about Si Coltrane.

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