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Best Preacher Podcasts

We are always interested in listening to the best podcasts available. Unfortunately, there are only a few podcasts that are focused on the Preacher comic book and/or the new AMC Preacher TV show. Over the course of time I hope to grow this list but as of now the follow Preacher podcast should whet your appetite.

Preach! – College professors and writers discuss the show and comic book from a writer’s perspective.

Son of a Preacher Podcast – A discussion with actual sons of a preacher.

Dweebthepeople – Picking apart the writing, directing, etc.

Film Dispenser – An interesting take from one who has read all the comics and one that is completely oblivious to the source material.

Preacher Podcast – These guys do a really good job. They also have a Twitter account devoted to the Preacher AMC TV show.

Preacher vs Preacher Podcast – A podcast comparing the comic book to the TV show.

Talking Preacher – Pretty sure this has nothing to do with the TV show on AMC after the pilot and final episodes.

Gone to Texas

Everything is Television

Story Zealot

If you know of any other Preacher focused podcasts please feel free to comment below with the name of the podcast.

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