At the beginning of Sundowner, Episode 5, there is a very lengthy fight scene between Fiore, DeBlanc, Jesse Custer and a blonde haired woman that is an angel or a demon. It was one of the most intense scenes of the series so far with both Fiore and DeBlanc coming back to life multiple times. We also see Jesse “kill” the blonde haired woman who comes back to life. So, who is this blonde haired woman? Is she in the comic books?

From our knowledge, this character was not in the comic books. There was no woman that was an angel or demon, only Fiore and DeBlanc. We learn that Jesse, Fiore and DeBlanc “contain” her because killing her will only bring her back to life. It will be interesting to see if she shows up again. Remember, Emily was also not in the comic books so it is not unusual for us to see “prequel” characters that were not in the source material.

Who do you think the blonde haired woman is? If you have read the comic books, does she remind you of any of the characters?