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Is Eugene (Arseface) Dead and in Hell?

At the end of Episode 5, Jesse gets pissed at Eugene and yells, “Go to Hell, Eugene!” Eugene then disappears as the church bulletin falls to the ground. Many may be wondering if Eugene is truly dead. Did he die in the comic books by the Preacher telling him to go to Hell? The answer is no. In fact, Arseface is one of the few characters that remains a mainstay throughout the entire comic book series as he travels all over the United States as a professional musical talent.

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Preacher TV Ratings Drop for Episode 3

While the drop for episode 2 was expected, it looks like the interest in Preacher is waning. Here are the numbers:

Preacher Season 1, Episode 3 – 1,750,000

This is down from 2,080,000 for episode 2.

Who Was the Guy in the White Suit and White Hat with the Map?

Grail Industries. The white suit and the white top hat. It is non other than Herr Starr. This is the villain in the Preacher comic books that was in it throughout most of the story. It will be interesting to see how this plot line plays out in Houston with the Grail Industries map, the woman working with Tulip and Jesse Custer. It is great to see that Herr Starr showed up at the beginning of Episode 3.

How do you think this story arc will play out? Will we learn a lot more about Herr Starr in the next few episodes? Wait until you see how many bad things can happen to this guy!


Was the Preacher TV Pilot That Bad?

Over the last week many diehard Preacher fans have expressed their opinion on the pilot episode. While IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic all report stellar ratings, there are a number of fans that feel as if the pilot was terrible. Some YouTube videos even claimed that it “completely sucked”. So, why are fans so upset about the pilot?

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Will Odin Quincannon’s Attorney Miss Outlash Be in the Show?

Miss Outlash is quite the character. During the Odin Quincannon story arc Miss Outlash proves to be one of the most important characters. Her sexual fetishes come out in issue #44. She obviously loves to whip and demoralize men. You can see this in the scene below:


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Preacher Pilot Brings in a Total of 3.82 Million Viewers

The final numbers are out, the Preacher pilot was watched by 3.82 million people. While 2.38 million watched on AMC live Sunday night another 1.44 million watched elsewhere. This includes DVR, Apple or Google Play stores, broadcast or on YouTube. When all was said and done, a number just under 4 million isn’t as bad as most made it out to be.

It is also important to note that this was the third most watched cable TV show for the week of May 16-22 behind Game of Thrones and the mid season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

Does Tulip Die in Preacher? [Spoiler]

If you are just watching the TV show and you have not read the comics we strongly suggest not reading any further as this is a huge spoiler. Comic book fans that have completed the first 10 issues know what happened to Tulip O’Hare, Jesse Custer’s girlfriend and the love of his life. By reading through issue #12 fans will know the entire outcome of the story arc. In the meantime, here is the answer…

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Genesis Possessing Jesse Preacher Pilot Scene

This one is going to be analyzed to no end. People will be wondering if it is aliens, zombies or some higher being. Those that have not read the comic books are not sure what is possessing preachers throughout the world. Here is the scene of the “predator” like being taking over Jesse Custer in the church.

Preacher Meets Eugene (Arseface) Bedroom Scene

So, we are looking for some Easter Eggs in this one like a Nirvana poster on the wall but haven’t found it yet. See what you can find.

Why Isn’t There a New Preacher on Sunday, May 29th?

There has been much confusion as to when the second episode of Preacher will be aired on AMC. On Sunday, may 29th, 2016, one week after the pilot, we will see a re-airing of the pilot episode followed by a brand new discussion show Talking Preacher. No one likes reruns and we are certain many people will tune in only to be disappointed. What is interesting is the fact that Talking Preacher will air after a rerun of the pilot.

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