At the end of Episode 5, Jesse gets pissed at Eugene and yells, “Go to Hell, Eugene!” Eugene then disappears as the church bulletin falls to the ground. Many may be wondering if Eugene is truly dead. Did he die in the comic books by the Preacher telling him to go to Hell? The answer is no. In fact, Arseface is one of the few characters that remains a mainstay throughout the entire comic book series as he travels all over the United States as a professional musical talent.

At this point, we don’t think there is any way that Eugene is truly dead. In the preview for Episode 6, Sheriff Root asks about his son. If they are getting closer to the comic books towards the end of the first season, we will likely see Arseface again as Jesse Custer tells Sheriff Root to “go fuck himself” and he actually has to do it.

Do you think Eugene is truly dead? Is he in Hell?