In Season 1, Episode 3, we met the man in the white suit at the very beginning of the show. This character was played by Morse Bicknell. That said, there was very little in this role and it does not mean that Herr Starr will be played by Morse Bicknell in season 2. We know, with 100% certainty, that Herr Starr will be in Season 2 of Preacher as it was stated by executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg during Talking Preacher.

Also in Season 1, Episode 3 we meet Miss Outlash that is played by Catherine Haun. We don’t think there is any way that Catherine Haun ends up in this role as Miss Outlash will have to be a younger, sexier actress with some of the scenes that are likely to come.

So, who do you think should play Herr Starr and Miss Outlash? Any actors and actresses come to mind? Are you excited about season 2?