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Jody, TC and Marie L’Angelle Likely in Upcoming Episodes

Well, several people spotted the tattoo on Jesse’s back being very similar to the tattoo on the forearm of the individual that shot John Custer, Jesse’s father, in the flashback. Here it is:


After doing a little bit of research, it has been confirmed that this is the symbol over the gate entrance to Angelville which is the home of TC, Jody and Marie L’Angelle (Jesse’s grandmother).  Here is the confirmation from the comic books:


We have yet to learn the casting of TC, Jody and Marie L’Angelle but with the flashbacks giving us the Easter egg of the tattoo one would imagine we will see Jody in the first season at some point. A few diehard Preacher fans have predicted that the Season 1 finale will be Jody and TC coming to get Jesse and Tulip to take them back to Angelville in New Orleans. Season 2 being with Marie L’Angelle would be very interesting.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Couldn’t disagree more with what a “few diehard Preacher fans have predicted” for the season 1 finale…

    Seeing how dull, slow and boring the pilot was, after 8 more episodes of this ‘the worst comic-to-TV adaptation ever’, viewers will get lucky if they get to see Jesse’s first confrontation with the Saint of Killers… lol

    My prediction for the season’s finale is that our trio we’ll be introduced to Si Coltrane for the ‘Naked City’ story arc…

  2. 1) it is always difficult to convert a comic that has a lot of era-specific cultural references.
    2) I appreciate the directors setting up a back story. I presume the town will get blown away eventually, but while doing it right away works for the comics, it would be disastrous for TV.
    3) what is the meaning behind the tattoo, and is there a clearer image of it? I recall bits and fragments of it, but not the whole story.

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