At the end of the seventh¬†episode of Preacher, Odin Quincannon and his men are coming to destroy Jesse’s church. Odin is riding on a bulldozer and all the men of Quincannon Meat and Power are marching towards the death of Jesse’s father’s church. So, will Odin destroy the church?

If we look at the comic books, we know that Jesse ends up the victor against Odin Quincannon. In fact, Jesse burns down Odin’s plant with Odin inside. Maybe it is a little bit of foreshadowing with all the fire in the 7th episode.

We also saw in the previews for Episode 8 that the church is still upright with Jesse digging in the floor to see if he can get Eugene (Arseface) back from Hell.

Do you think Odin will bulldoze the church? Will Jesse’s father’s church be destroyed before the final episode in the first season?