Miss Outlash is quite the character. During the Odin Quincannon story arc Miss Outlash proves to be one of the most important characters. Her sexual fetishes come out in issue #44. She obviously loves to whip and demoralize men. You can see this in the scene below:


This will be a very intriguing character for the TV show but we have not heard word of her quite yet. That said, Vyla Quincannon will be played by Elizabeth Perkins and she would do a fantastic job in this role as she was great in Weeds.

Is it going to be the case that Vyla Quincannon plays the role of Miss Outlash in the TV Show?


Remember, Miss Outlash is not your common DWI lawyer. She is much different from the lawyers we see in our everyday lives. Read some of the comic book issues between #42 and #48 and you will see exactly what we mean.

After the pilot, it looks as if Betsy Schenck could play the role of Miss Outlash. That said, most diehard fans would like a much better adaptation of one of our favorite kinky lawyers.