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Genesis Possessing Jesse Preacher Pilot Scene

This one is going to be analyzed to no end. People will be wondering if it is aliens, zombies or some higher being. Those that have not read the comic books are not sure what is possessing preachers throughout the world. Here is the scene of the “predator” like being taking over Jesse Custer in the church.

Preacher Meets Eugene (Arseface) Bedroom Scene

So, we are looking for some Easter Eggs in this one like a Nirvana poster on the wall but haven’t found it yet. See what you can find.

Why Isn’t There a New Preacher on Sunday, May 29th?

There has been much confusion as to when the second episode of Preacher will be aired on AMC. On Sunday, may 29th, 2016, one week after the pilot, we will see a re-airing of the pilot episode followed by a brand new discussion show Talking Preacher. No one likes reruns and we are certain many people will tune in only to be disappointed. What is interesting is the fact that Talking Preacher will air after a rerun of the pilot.

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We Have Tulip Flashbacks in the First Season

We found an actress for a “young Tulip


Two Preacher #1 CGC 9.8 Copies Sell for $1250 on My Comic Shop

One of the largest, and most publicized, comic book shops on the Internet is If you have searched for anything comic book related you have likely seen their ads everywhere. They have definitely grown in size with almost one million monthly visitors to the website. Early last week I was looking at the price for Preacher #1 CGC 9.8. There were a few copies for $900 to $975 dollars. There were also two copies at $1250. A total of six copies were available. Today, there are zero.

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Preacher Episode 2 Sneak Peek – Tulip Gets Wet

After an amazing pilot episode, Preacher TV fans are looking for as many “sneak peeks” of episode 2 they can find. Here is the official preview of episode 2 from AMC

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Pilot, Episode 1, TV Ratings and Viewership Numbers Released on Tuesday

The numbers are in. AMC’s Preacher averaged a 0.9 rating in adults 18-49 and 2.4 million viewers.

Overall, these are not the numbers many expected but they are the second largest scripted launch behind FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” at 2.0.  Many outlets have stated going up against Game of Thrones and being aired at 10:00 pm hurt overall ratings. We will see where we go from here. Our predictions of over 5 million viewers was way off. For comparison sake, Breaking Bad had 1.41 million viewers during the premiere.

You can get the ratings for all Preacher TV episodes here.

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Who is the Guy the Eats the Teabag at the End of Episode 1?

Spoiler alert. I am going to explain who the two characters looking for the “spirit” that gives Jesse the ability to speak the word of God. If this is something you do not want to know, do not read further.


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Odin Quincannon Makes First Appearance in Preacher Episode 2

In the pilot, we had the opportunity to learn that Betsy works for Quincannon Meats & Power. We also learned she is into BDSM but thats a discussion for another time. While the Quincannon name was quite apparent in the pilot we did not get to meet Odin himself. That will change in Season 1, Episode 2. Here is a photo of Odin with his “employees”


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Vote on Preacher Pilot Polls Online

Here are a handful of links where you can vote on the Preacher pilot:


E! Online


Best Character in the Pilot

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