It looks like a number of the actors and actresses that were filming for the Preacher AMC TV series have mentioned they are leaving New Mexico. As we know, Seth Rogen and the team started filming in New Mexico in early February 2016. This was a tweet on February 26th, 2016 from the little boy that everyone has seen in the Preacher trailer:

On IMBD, it says that Chris Schenk, played by Thomas Barbusca, is only in the first episode of Preacher but we know IMBD has been a little bit slow to update some of the characters on this show. Over the next few days we will scour the web to see it any of the other actors or actresses have left New Mexico.

In less than two weeks the pilot will premiere at SXSW so maybe the first round of filming has been completed for the first five or six episodes? Only time will tell.