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Why Isn’t There a New Preacher on Sunday, May 29th?

There has been much confusion as to when the second episode of Preacher will be aired on AMC. On Sunday, may 29th, 2016, one week after the pilot, we will see a re-airing of the pilot episode followed by a brand new discussion show Talking Preacher. No one likes reruns and we are certain many people will tune in only to be disappointed. What is interesting is the fact that Talking Preacher will air after a rerun of the pilot.

We have also learned there will only be two episodes of Talking Preacher – one after the rerun of the pilot and one after the finale.

The reason for the rerun of the pilot is because it is a holiday weekend – Memorial Day weekend. We understand this, but why would you run a Talking Preacher episode after the rerun? Why wouldn’t you air the Talking Preacher episode after the pilot first premieres? Lots of confusion about this right now.

If you are looking to see episode 2 of Preacher, you will have to wait until Sunday, June 5th, 2016. In the meantime, you can watch a sneak peek here.


  1. To whoever the hell reads these,
    The holiday weekends are when people need these shows most you idiots!
    The people who aren’t able to watch are busy having a good time, they can watch on demand for fucks sake, but us people not out having a good time are stuck with our families and desperately need some decent entertainment… I know it’s cliche, but my in laws could inspire suicide in the happiest of people given sufficient exposure. Fuck you, fuck everyone involved with your show(except Seth Rogan, he’s chill), and fuck everyone who thinks this hiatus is a good idea. Give us more preacher you asshats.

    A bored and pissed off fan

  2. I’m telling you what, if they wanted to get away with their typical holiday programming for holidays, they should have delayed the pilot until June 5th. I’m angry, not just “confused”.

    Get over your self AMC.


    Not On your Life

  3. To my greatest dissatisfaction I’ve been trying to locate this darn episode that I “thought” I missed. Only to find out, there wasn’t one…. I haven’t seen any show take into consideration a weekend “Holiday” that’s just dumb! I have no Walking dead and no Fear the walking dead, my Sunday’s are dead without these show and finally “The preacher” begins only to leave me alone again! This sucks!

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