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Preacher TV Ratings Drop for Episode 3

While the drop for episode 2 was expected, it looks like the interest in Preacher is waning. Here are the numbers:

Preacher Season 1, Episode 3 – 1,750,000

This is down from 2,080,000 for episode 2.


  1. It was only logical… That’s what you get when you come up with a pilot so awful like this one. Imho, there’s absolutely nothing worthy of praise about it, at all. It was dull, slow, uninspired and boring as hell (pun intended)… I tell ya’, I’m the biggest PREACHER fan there is south of the U.S. border and had been waiting for an adaptation since the very first story arc, and they lost me IN THE VERY PILOT fer cryin’ out loud!!! The only reason I visit this site is to check the market prices for my Preacher copies ’cause I fear this damn show will devalue them so much they’ll soon be worthless! Not recommending it to anyone and already calling it ‘the worst comic-to-TV adaptation ever’. ‘Nuff said.

    • So you’re saying you like it?

    • No one cares about your opinion, cool guy. It’s an adaptation not a shot for shot remake and if Garth is cool with it then I am too. I love the comics but can appreciate how tough it would be to appeal to the comic fans and also make the show easier to follow for show-only watchers. Bottom line, if enough people don’t watch it’ll get cancelled but I think in time once they introduce all the characters and hit the road it’ll be a brilliant show.

      • Very good yes, I am a fan of the book and show. I have attempted to look at the show as an entire new entity and have been enthralled by every second of it.

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