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Where Will Season 2 Be Filmed?

UPDATE: The second season of Preacher will be filmed in New Orleans. This means the┬áCassidy through Les Enfants Du Sang and Jesse and Tulip at Grandma’s and “All in the Family”.

We know that Jesse’s uncles, Jody and TC, and his grandmother, Marie L’Angelle are likely to be in season 2. If this is the case, Jesse and Tulip will eventually have to visit Louisiana. Does this mean they will film in Louisiana? Who knows. We are also hearing rumors that Allfather D’Aronique and Herr Starr are going to play a major role. Does this mean they will head over to Europe to film some scenes? Probably not, but the set will have to depict something similar to the comic books.

Our guess is they film somewhere in the western part of the United States. Hollywood would be a great option as that seems to be where almost all movies and TV shows are filmed. Note that Cassidy goes to New York City quite a bit so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities that they tape in NYC with other locations being around New York.

We are not 100% certain when it comes to the budget for Season 2 but do not expect three or four different locations to film the show. That said, there should be more locations than the small town of Annville that was depicted in season 1.

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