Well, now that we know Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy will be hitting the road, where can we expect them to go? We know that Louisiana is where Jesse likely gets his tattoo and meets his uncles and grandmother. We also know, from the comics, that he goes to Europe for a little bit of an adventure. All that being said, is it feasible to have the entire cast go to all of these locations?

Our guess is no. Instead of going to New York City, Louisiana and Europe, we will likely see most of the taping done in Hollywood or different parts of Los Angeles. This will make it much more affordable and will also allow the Preacher TV show to add some cast members that would be appealing. Is there any chance we can get Lili Simmons? You know, the Rebecca Bowman from Banshee!

In the next few months we will learn more about where this show is taping and who will be part of Season 2. The next season will be very interesting because most of the characters in Season 1 were killed off in the explosion that happened at the end of the season. Will Arse Face be back? We can all assume all the Quincannon characters are gone. So, who will be back? We know that Herr Starr and the Saint of Killers will be back, but who else?

If you plan on trying to find some of the taping locations in Los Angeles, be prepared to fight off some traffic. This is one of the busiest places in the entire United States when it comes to getting around via motor vehicle. There is a reason law firms are paying big bucks to rank #1 for Los Angeles car accident attorney.  Just before Thanksgiving we saw one of the biggest traffic jams in history. For this reason, always do you research on where celebrities are going to be before trying to go out and find them.

This might be a moot point if we learn the entire second season is going to be filmed in Louisiana. Where do you think the 2nd season will be filmed?