Well, this is going to be very interesting. After Sheriff Root pisses Jesse off one last time he says the following:


As we all know, what Jesse says actually happens. In the following scene we learn that Sheriff Root’s severed penis is struck in his colon. While in the ambulance he tells his son, Arseface, to get him a gun. After he gets the gun he shoots himself. This is when Arseface promises to avenge his father’s death by going after Jesse Custer.


It is one of the best scenes in comic book history. That said, how in the world is this going to play out on TV. First of all, we know that AMC cannot use the F word, so, there’s that. We also know there is no way they are going to put this type of scene in one of the first episodes of the show. At least we don’t think they will.

How will the Preacher TV show depict the suicide of Sheriff Root. We know Sheriff Root is in the show as his is played by W. Earl Brown. IMDB currently has Sheriff Hugo Root in all of the first 10 episodes of the first season. There is no way they can play out an entire season of television in four comic books so we obviously don’t get to see him commit suicide early on.

If this is the case, how will the character of Arseface play out? With his father still alive, there is no reason for him to seek revenge. There are many questions that are going to be asked about this show as it is quite obvious there are a number of important plot lines that are going to be changed completely.

How do you feel about Sheriff Root being in the entire first season? Do you think AMC should have tried to incorporated the suicide scene?