T.C. and Jody are Jesse Custer’s bitch of a Grandmother’s minions. They basically do anything┬áMarie L’Angelle asks them to do. In the issues 8-12 both TC and Jody piss off Jesse and Tulip enough to get their asses kicked – to death. This is an interesting story arc as it explains why Jesse became a Preacher. We will have much more on┬áMarie L’Angelle or Jesse Custer’s grandmother.

In the aforementioned issues we also learn that Jody is the person that killed Jesse’s father. This could be a major story if AMC wants to devote a few episodes to Jesse Custer’s past.

So far, we have not seen anything about TC or Jody being part of the show. That said, anything can happen in the first season. The only actors and actresses we know are the ones seen in the pilot. As we get closer to May 2016 or the summer premiere we will be able to better predict if T.C. or Jody will be in the TV show.

If you think these two will be popular characters in the TV show you can buy Preacher #8 as a speculative play. In fact, Preacher #8 might be a great purchase anyway because there are a number of characters that are first introduced in this particular comic book. If there is a storyline that has to do with Jesse Custer’s grandmother in the show the most valuable comic book will likely be Preacher #8.

Do you think TC and Jody should be in the show? Who do you think should be the actors that play these characters?