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Herr Starr and Sarah Featherstone Show up in Season 2, Episode 1

According to IMDB, Herr Starr and Sarah Featherstone will be in all of the episodes of Season 2. You can see the cast here. Pip Torrens is Herr Starr and Julie Ann Emery is Sarah Featherstone. This should come as no surprise to most as The Grail is a huge part of the comic books and this is the main focus of season 2 along with All in the Family in New Orleans.

Are you excited to see Herr Starr and Sarah Featherstone in Season 2, Episode 1?

Who is the Cowboy on Preacher? What is His Real Name?

In the first 10 minutes of season 2, we learn that the “Cowboy” is coming after Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy. The scene plays out very similar to the way it does early in the comic books. For those wondering, this character is actually the Saint of Killers which we will likely find out in season 2.

Some will wonder why he is after Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy. By reading the first two or three comic books you will find out he is actually after Genesis which is inside Jesse. There are many times in which he almost kills one of the three main characters but recognizes this is not his ultimate goal. Many diehard comic book fans would argue the Saint of Killers is one of the four main characters along with Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy.

In many publications, the Saint of Killers is touted as one of the top 50 villains of all time.

Learn more about the Saint of Killers here.

Hitler Hit by a Car in Season 2 [Video]

There have been plenty of rumors about Adolf Hitler being in season 2 of Preacher. Well, we have confirmed it and here is the video of him getting hit by a car:

Cassidy Flashback’s to 1914 Confirmed for Season 2

It looks like we are going to get to learn much more about Cassidy’s past in season 2. An Instagram photo has surfacing showing older model vehicles. It was also confirmed that Hitler made a brief appearance on the set. You can read the entire discussion here.


Season 2 of Preacher Likely to be 13 Episodes; Not 10

We are hearing that season 2 is likely going to be 13 episodes. This is up from the first season in which there were 10 episodes. We will confirm this as soon as possible.

Pip Torrens Will Play Herr Starr in Season 2

Season 2 will feature a number of characters from The Grail in the Preacher comic book. Herr Starr is, of course, the leader, and will be played by Pip Torrens in season 2. Remember that in season 1 we only saw the shadow of the man in “all white”. This year, we will get the full storyline.


Julia Emery will Play Sarah Featherstone in Season 2

Well, we have a Featherstone for season 2. It is Julia Emery. We are not certain if she will be blonde or brunette in this role but we do know she will act as the second hand to Herr Starr. There should be quite a bit of the plot line related to The Grail throughout season 2.


Look for many people to become enamored with this character in season 2. She is likely going to play a very big role and her smile will make the guys watching this show melt. Fun fact, Julia Ann Emery played Dr. Penn Grogan in Ghost Whisperer in 2006. She has not played a dentist, but has played a doctor and a paramedic.

Tracy Loach Returns for Season 2 of Preacher

In season 2 of Preacher there is a very good chance we are going to get to see exactly what happened between Tracy Loach and Eugene (Arseface). There was an Instagram photo, which has been taken down, that showed the actress¬†Gianna LePera on the set of Preacher. One would imagine she won’t appear in the current road trip adventure but in a flashback to her and Eugene “going to the prom”.


What do you think is going to happen with Tracy Loach? Will she play a major role in Preacher season 2?

When is the Season 2 Premiere (What Date)?

Season 2 of Preacher will premiere on June 25th, which is a Sunday, which will be following by episode 2 on Monday, June 26th. The show will air on Monday nights at 9:00 pm starting with episode 2.

Season 2 of Preacher is sure to be talked about quite a bit in the comic book world. Now that Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are heading on their road trip, the show is sure to get better, right? Only time will tell. Unfortunately, season 1 of Preacher went up against Game of Thrones therefore it didn’t stand a chance. AMC might change that in Season 2.

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Where Will Season 2 Be Filmed?

UPDATE: The second season of Preacher will be filmed in New Orleans. This means the¬†Cassidy through Les Enfants Du Sang and Jesse and Tulip at Grandma’s and “All in the Family”.

We know that Jesse’s uncles, Jody and TC, and his grandmother, Marie L’Angelle are likely to be in season 2. If this is the case, Jesse and Tulip will eventually have to visit Louisiana. Does this mean they will film in Louisiana? Who knows. We are also hearing rumors that Allfather D’Aronique and Herr Starr are going to play a major role. Does this mean they will head over to Europe to film some scenes? Probably not, but the set will have to depict something similar to the comic books.

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